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'-, Site is under major construction, please be patient as i make updates to the site ,-` *kevin*


This is my personal website. I have hand crafted this page with notepad++. Please check out my cool gifs page, midi collection and links to cool sites i use.

WARNING: this site uses loads of high bandwidth multimedia, dial up users are warned!


Dec '20 Upcoming overhaul, rebuilding backend in flask, front end in vue, complete redesign of UI :), enjoy the retro page until then
Jun '99 new links added to links
Apr '99 Updated page, moved from fortunecity to here

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Cool Links

Site Descriptions
The best search engine!
Pretty good search results but not my fav
The best tech website, computer news
Cool chat rooms, check out the moshpit room
winamp is the best music player
Best chatting program to chat with friends



TV shows